Three Nornes

The Three Nornes – The Three Nornes were the fates of Norse Mythology, representing the Past, Present and Future. Their names were Urd, Verdandi and Skuld. These ladies had the facility to transform themselves into swans for ease of travel.

Designed by Jack Rae.

Three Nornes
no virgin goddesses
but swans,
sculpt silver.

symbol of the past
hangs her head:
she does not see where love lay.

holds the Present
under outstretched wings.
She too looks down
accepting destiny.
Her wingtips intertwine
with Past and Future:she exists
where they touch.

Only Skuld
born of the Future
lifts her eyes:hope
is the light curve of her neck.
Wintering will pass
she will fly
with the tilting earth.

Christine de Luca

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