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Do we make bespoke pieces?

YES!! We love to create special one-off commissions for you and your loved ones.

This could be an engagement ring, a wedding band to sit perfectly with your engagement ring or a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift.

It’s not often there’s something we can’t do.

The process of this is usually a simple conversation with a jeweller about your initial ideas, don’t worry if you’re not sure what you’d like we can help to inspire you.

We work with a starting point of a budget that you have in mind, along with what metal you’d like your piece made in.

After our initial conversation with you we will dedicate one of our trained jewellers to your commission. You will work with the same jeweller throughout the process.

The jeweller will provide you with ideas in drawing format, then we can discuss at that stage what elements you like/dislike and take it from there.

We will then provide you with a quote and once proceeded we will begin the process of creating your beautiful one off item.

Often if a piece is to be made in platinum we will create it in silver or wax model to begin with so you can view it before we proceed it further just to make sure you love it.

If you're not in Shetland contact us by email info@shetlandjewellery.co.uk or via our contact page https://www.shetlandjewellery.co.uk/pages/contact. If you are in Shetland pop in to discuss your ideas. 

You can also head to our bespoke collection to get some inspiration for what we can create. 

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Shetland Jewellery designs are inspired by Scandinavian mythology, local wildlife, the Northern Lights, and from traditional Celtic Patterns.


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