Shetland sits at 60 degrees North, 210 miles from Aberdeen, and 230 miles from Bergen, Norway. It’s a 12 hour boat journey from Aberdeen, or a 1.5 hour plane journey from Mainland Scotland. Shetland is a magical place, enticing people to visit and stealing their hearts when they do. The long summer days with never ending daylight and beautiful scenery is just one of the draws to visiting us, Shetland is full of history, music, nature and friendly folks. The winters are dark and long but there’s something about the wildness of the winters that inspires and strengthens us all.

Some of our favourite places to visit if you’re looking for an outdoors experience would be; Bannamin beach; often you’d arrive here and be the only person on the sands. Ueya; one of the most beautiful spots in Shetland, well worth the trek in the road, just check the tides first so you can climb down to the beach too. Shetland’s highest point on top of Rona’s hill, on a fine day you can see for miles. A brisk walk around the Knab in Lerwick and around the older buildings in town by the Lodberries and Bains beach is a must do. Eshaness is an incredible sight on a good or bad day, the wildness of the weather on a windy day makes the cliffs and waves all more spectacular. Really anywhere you go in Shetland there is some sort of beauty, something to see, something to take your breath away and something to photograph. If you’re lucky you’ll maybe get to see some orca, or Mirrie dancers.

Other things not to miss would be Lerwick museum, Bonhoga art gallery, Sumburgh Lighthouse, an afternoon coffee at one of the beautiful coffee shops in Lerwick, a drink in the lounge on a Wednesday evening, a stop at an honesty fridge where you leave money and choose your own cakes, or if it’s a terrible day of weather grab a film ticket for Mareel, if you’re here a while make sure you make it to Unst, home of everything ‘Most Northerly in the U.K’ including a gin distillery.

We can guarantee that whatever you do while you’re here you’ll leave Shetland with a warm heart and a lot of happy memories.

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