Do you fancy a special commissioned piece of jewellery made that is personal to just you? This process is super fun, these pieces make a perfect gift for a special occasion or if you'd like to treat yourself. 
Shown below are a few special pieces we've had the pleasure to design and make at the Shetland Jewellery workshop. 
The process begins with an idea from yourself and we then create a drawing for you using your very own ideas, once the drawing is proceeded we create the product in metal. 
These are one-off items and not repeated so we can't recreate any of the images below, but we are more as happy to use your own ideas to create something completely unique to you.
If you have any ideas please email us on or contact us using the contact form.
        Tree of life pendant with Northern lights colours
        Matching Rose gold wedding bands
        Scene taken from customers own photograph
        Pink diamond set in recycled White gold
         Scene taken from customers own photo.
        Bairns finger prints in silver clay
        Dragon inspired pendant in Rose gold
        Orca with Mirrie Dancer colours
         Yellow gold Wedding bands
        Topaz pendants for each grandbairn
        Aventurine engagement ring set with two diamonds.
         Ruby wedding gift.
        Viking inspired bangle with otter.
        A special birthday gift set with a diamond.
        The view as they grew up, sunset sky. 
        Recycled gold bangle.
        Swimming club logo gift. 
        Shetland Quartz set in white gold.
         Customers metal and stone remodelled. 
          Sea inspired bangle for 21st birthday. 



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Shetland Jewellery designs are inspired by Scandinavian mythology, local wildlife, the Northern Lights, and from traditional Celtic Patterns.


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